Reference: Burgan Bank

Mayatech Solutions – Burgan Bank


Integrating “ARIS publisher and Designer” to Active Directory (LDAP) and Kerberos SSO.


Integration was established successfully. Anymore Burgan Bank employees can login to ARIS Publisher and Designer without username and password typing.

  • Designer anonymous login and profile disabled
  • Integrated “Viewer users” to see Publisher profile
  • Supported Burganbank’s Sharepoint portal’s Designer integration
Mayatech Reference: Burgan Bank

Mayatech Reference: Burgan Bank

Burgan Bank A.Ş. is 99,26% owned by Burgan Bank SAK, Kuwait

Has 60 Branches well spread out of the whole country
26 Branches in Istanbul
34 Branches out of Istanbul
36 Combo Branches (Providing Commercial and Retail Banking Services)
18 Retail Branches
4 Business Centres (Providing Commercial Banking Services)
1 Corporate Branch
1 Private Banking Branch

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