Reference: Anadolubank

Mayatech Solutions –  Anadolubank


Integrating “ARIS Designer Architect” to Active Directory (LDAP) and Kerberos SSO.


Integration was successfully established. Anymore Anadolubank employees can login to ARIS Designer without username and password typing.

  • Designer anonymous login and profile disabled
  • Integrated “Viewer users” to see Publisher profile
Mayatech Reference: Anadolubank

Mayatech Reference: Anadolubank

Anadolubank is a subsidiary of HABAŞ Group

Anadolubank, is a young, dynamic, high-growth institution and is regarded as one of Turkey’s most promising banks. Over the past decade, the Bank has increased its performance gradually by developing a structure aligned to the needs of contemporary banking.

Anadolubank has established a strong reputation with a name that is widely respected across Turkey in a sector utilizing technological innovation to shape the nature of competition.

Anadolubank continues to increase branch operations and numbers on a daily basis (the bank was originally acquired through Privatization Administration in 1997 with only three branches in active operation at inception).

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