Maya Bulk Recoverer

Maya Bulk Recoverer (MBR)

Product: Maya Bulk Recoverer

Product: Maya Bulk Recoverer

Maya Bulk Recoverer is an Oracle SOA Suite faulted instances and messages recovery tool which helps to recover even huge numbers of bulk data with minimum effort in shortest time.During the life cycle of a business process, remarkable number of unsuccessful calls to web services or external systems may occur. These unsuccessful calls cause invoke, callback or activity messages and operations and other pending activities to be manually resubmitted by the operations team. In spite the fact that Oracle Enterprise Manager Console has able to perform these kind of human intervention events, considering the huge number of instances are created in the environment in some cases, manually recovering those events by Enterprise Manager may be slow, costly or just not possible.

Maya Bulk Recoverer is able to deal with huge number of bulk data very easily and reduce the operational cost while providing you a smooth and clear business operation management with the minimum effort. It is a standalone application developed with this purpose and capable of resubmitting invoke, callback and activity events or pending activities with a bunch of given criterias.


Capabilities & Benefits

  • Easy to Use
  • LDAP, WebLogic Realm or Local Base Authentication
  • Invoke, Callback, Activity  and Fault Recovery
  • Recovery From Database Table, File or Command Line
  • Throttling
  • Able to Schedule on Crontab
  • Running on Windows/Linux/Unix Operating Systems
  • Action Based Authorization
  • Powerful Log Structure

Product: Maya Bulk Recoverer

Product: Maya Bulk Recoverer

MAD Screen Captures

MBR Login:

MBR Console Login Screen

MBR Console: Login

MBR Start Recovery:

MBR Console: Start Recovery Process

Start Recovery Process

MBR End of Recovery:

End of Recovery Process

End of Recovery Process