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During the recruitment period, we aim to bring the best candidate who matches with positions specifications and the MayaTech corporate culture. We create a pool with the specific abilities from all references to MayaTech recorded in our database then our recruitment team begins to process with candidate(s).

Recruitment process for all candidates, according to the position of functional competencies, as well as the core competencies, customer orientation, job commitment, innovation, relationship development, self-knowledge and the development of competencies is evaluated.

Compliance with the corporate culture and values ​​of the process, the most important criteria to consider in all. With the basic competencies for managerial positions in the team competence development are also sought. Candidates with competencies assessed vocational interests and technical information.

Position of candidates on the hiring, managers also attended by experts in at least two interviews. Evaluating the leadership, communication skills, analytic thinking, team work, etc. Predisposition outcomes of the candidates on the basis of inventory competencies, plays an important role in decision-making.

Completion of this process as a positive job offer is made by a team of recruiting candidates. All applicants are informed of the outcome of the recruitment process and all the information about candidates are stored in our database for other positions for a year.

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