Integration Server (IS) and Subversion (SVN) Integration

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The common problem working with development team is, some team-mate changes your code without your knowing and then you can never get it back. In these situations we always use version controling system. On todays post i will explain how to integrate SVN on Software AG’s Integration Server (IS).

Why SVN?

SVN is a centralized version control system, mainly used for managing source code, but also used for other text-based data that can be changed over time by different people.

Integrating SVN to SoftwareAG Integration Server (IS):

1. Login to IS as Administrator


2. Click on VCS under Solutions tab


First of all we need to map the user(s) before configuring VCS.

(Why? Because, if you try to configure VCS first, it tries to login SVN link that you gave but there is no username on login credentials)

3. Click on “create new user mapping”


4. After then we have to fill VCS User Name and Password fields with SVN Username & Password


5. After filling out then click on save.


6. Now click on configuration link under VCS tab and hit Edit VCS Configuration then Select Subversion and hit on Save.


7. By clicking on Advanced Settings, write down your SVN link and hit on “Save Changes”

(If you’re using https you have to install the certificate of your domain to IS, after then that IS will recognize it correctly)


After all of these configuration we have to restart IS to take changes effect.

Now you can go to SAG Designer and try Check-in & Check-out your code.

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