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Maya Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. founded in 2009 by industry-leading engineers and consultants with the purpose of setting high standards for their profession. Mayatech is a globally innovative IT and telecommunications consultancy company focused on enabling enterprise agility and operational excellence through the adoption of emerging technologies such as Service- Oriented Architecture (SOA) , Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Java Applications and services.

Mayatech : Agile Development & Automated IT Operations

Mayatech Agile Development & Automated IT Operations

With more than 15 years of extensive experience in operators, telecoms and ICT services companies, our telecommunications consultants specialize in Business Process Management using the world leading Business Process Management (BPM) products delivering high quality consulting services to drive business process excellence for its clients who are mainly large enterprises in the telecoms and internet services providers.

Service Oriented Architecture

Our team of SOA Architects and Consultants can assist companies looking to expedite their SOA migration by successfully leveraging SOA technology solutions.

Software Development

Working with  a strong and efficient developer team who have extensive experience especially in Java development and related technologies for more than 15 years in the corporate industry, we are promising to deliver secure, reliable, enduring software products and support services which guarantees to satisfy your business needs also in the long term.


Mayatech Middleware and Software Consulting Services Team comprises highly experienced middleware architects and software developers who had their names written under hundreds of large scale enterprise applications and projects worldwide.


Maya Information Technologies officially works as a partner with Oracle and SoftwareAG.

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Solution Partner


  • Integration Server (IS) and Subversion (SVN) Integration

    Integration Server (IS) and Subversion (SVN) Integration

    Hi All, The common problem working with development team is, some team-mate changes your code without your knowing and then you can never get it back. In these situations we always use version controling system. On todays post i will explain how to integrate SVN on Software AG’s Integration Server (IS). Why SVN? SVN is […]

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  • SoftwareAG webMethods – BPM Actionable Mail

    SoftwareAG webMethods – BPM Actionable Mail

    Objectives: We’ll send an actionable mail notification to assignee. Then assignee can perform to complete task using just sending a mail. Steps Overview : Create user and role. Define My webMethods e-mail settings, both Notification and Task Listener (for actionable e-mail). Design a simple process (Vacation Request) that contains one user task. Create Notification mail […]

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  • TROUG: Fusion Middleware SIG Etkinliği 2015

    TROUG: Fusion Middleware SIG Etkinliği 2015

    Maya Bilgi Teknolojileri olarak “TROUG: Fusion Middleware SIG  2015″ etkinliğinde danışmanlarımızdan Fevzi Korkutata ve Serdar Mescioğlu iki sunum yaparak sektör firmaları ile bir araya gelmiştir. Yapılan etkinliğin detaylarına aşağıdaki linkten erişebilirsiniz. http://www.troug.org/haberler/fusion-middleware-sig-etkinligi-2015/  

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  • SAF Queue Monitoring by WLST

    SAF Queue Monitoring by WLST

    WebLogic Store-and-Forward (SAF) service enables WebLogic Server to deliver messages reliably between applications that are distributed across WebLogic Server instances. The SAF service should be used in case of forwarding JMS messages between Weblogic servers or domains. The SAF service can deliver messages between two stand-alone instances or servers instances in a cluster. Also the […]

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  • Monitoring JMS Queues by WLST

    Monitoring JMS Queues by WLST

    The modules of Weblogic Domain monitor with different ways. Weblogic Scripting Tool (WLST) is good choice which based on the java version of python scripting (Jython). Jython is a high level, dynamic, object-oriented programming language. Its compiler completely written in Java compiler. It allows to use  Python and Java libraries together. Different resources can configure […]

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